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HEXplore It is a cooperative, hero building, adventure board game system. The Forests of Adrimon is our second title in the HEXplore It universe. It is both a stand alone game and an expansion.

  • Cooperative game play 
  • Fantasy-themed hero building 
  • Variable hero powers and combinations 
  • Organic & customizable hero advancement 
  • Modular board 
  • Thousands of potential map layouts and dozens of hero combinations 
  • Map built to interlock with past and future expansions 
  • Strategic movement, exploration, questing, and farming mechanics 
  • Over 30 unique combat scenarios 
  • Dice-rolling & press-your-luck scenarios 
  • Several alternative playing styles: Quick Play, Double Up, Marathon, Solo Play
  • Can be played with the Valley of the Dead King 
  • Dynamic play duration
  • Customizable game difficulty

Game Synopsis

Each player creates their own hero by combining two character options: their role and race. Your role is your profession and your race is your species. This combination drives your hero's strengths, weaknesses, and defines your special abilities.  Traits are a third quality to enhance your heroes, and appear in both Expansions.

You'll work together to gather Relic Fragments and Power Up cards in order to advance your hero's strength while also avoiding Adrimon’s growing power.  

Choose your own path and explore a modular map which changes with each play through. Each game yields substantially different circumstances and events, some controlled by the players, and others occurring randomly.  

The World

The immense Greenflame Forest was once protected by the wood elves: stewards of nature and protectors of the realm of fey. When they mysteriously vanished a century ago, the forest grew dangerous and more primal in nature. For a time it was quiet, and culture slowly returned to their pristine cities as the other races sought to live as the wood elves once did. 

But a terrible and dark power was also taking root. A figure would change the shape of the country: a beautiful woman whose very presence was like a magnet, drawing the people in. One by one they left their homes, drawn to her like moths to flame. Over the course of several weeks, everyone in the forest lost control of their minds, utterly enveloped by her will.

The cities fell so swiftly that travelers caught outside could scarcely believe it. They were now havens only to her mind-wiped, who worked tirelessly on her hulking automatons: the sentinels. 

Though the cities had fallen, there were small pockets of resistance left in the Greenflame. Wayposts were established along the perimeter of her domain, and would-be heroes carefully ventured inside seeking to unseat her. The few who returned spoke of horrible sights in her enthralled cities, and heard her calling to them in their waking dreams. Adrimon... a single name everyone grew to fear. 

Who among us is strong enough to face her? 

Interested in reading the story line?

A wood elf historian named Elrick speaks to his step daughter about his time in the forest, recounting a harrowing tale on how he managed to rescue her from Adrimon's clutches. You can read Elrick's Story here.

The core box contains everything you need to face Adrimon and confront her mind-wiped forces. The game is full of all new hero combinations, encounters, villains, events, discoveries, afflictions, relics, treasure, power ups and more!

If you're interested in looking over some of the cards that appear in the game, check out our Card of the Day videos. You'll see a new one each day of the campaign.

The Forests of Adrimon Expansion is loaded full of content that will  enhance your adventure to over-throw Adrimon. All content planned for this expansion is shown, though future quality enhancements to the core box product will also enhance the components found in this expansion.

A new Play Style: Adrimon vs. All  

We’re excited to reveal our new 1 vs. All play style, which includes a dry erase boss mat for Adrimon herself! Like the heroes, she’ll be able to raise her ranks by performing quest-like Ambitions.  

You’ll gain access to her Sentinels and have an entire card deck to yourself. You’ll also have access to powerful Rituals, which you can perform by expending your Ritual Points.  

You’ll be forced to react to them, and better yet, force them to react to YOU! There are several ways to play as Adrimon, which means no two games facing off against the heroes will be the same.  

New Bosses  

There are four new bosses that appear in the Forests of Adrimon Expansion pack. These bosses each have unique reveal triggers (or you may choose to fight them on the boss locations based on their level). 3 of the four bosses may be Influenced, which means your heroes can gain access to 3 more powerful allies!  


Traits give your hero a distinguishing quality that you gain at the beginning of the game. Each trait typically gives a passive bonus that can effect your hero or your allies. Each trait starts with 0 ranks. To increase a traits rank, you must gain Trait Points (TP) which are rewarded by completing the Trait point requirement on the card. When the Trait has accrued enough TP, fill in one space in it’s hex ring and increase it’s rank by 1. Each Trait can be increased this way 6 times.  

HEXclusive Roles  

Our first HEXclusive roles have arrived! These roles are roughly twice as powerful as our normal roles. Their ribbon now shows two role types, so you may find a Striker/Assist or a Sapper/Utility combination. These roles are perfect for solo play, or can be used in small groups to up the ante and increase the difficulty of your game. We hope you enjoy these dual roles as much as we do!  

What else is in the FoA Expansion?  

You’ll also find 4 new Relics: the Crown, the Glaive, the Cane, and the Amulet. These relics come with their own Fragment cards, and can simply be added to your Relic and Fragment deck when you play the core game. You’ll also find 14 Epic Power Up cards, 14 new Circumstance cards, and 7 new Destinations to augment your game!

The Valley of the Dead King is our first Volume in the HEXplore It gaming system. We've asked and you've answered! So we're offering a revised reprint and it now contains ALL original Roles and ALL original base Races, that is a total of 576 hero combinations!

Return to the Valley in this expansion pack. Like the Forests of Adrimon expansion, you’ll find all new rules for the 1 vs. All play style and a ton of new content tucked inside!

Is there any repeat content in the VotDK Expansion?  

If you’ve backed Valley of the Dead King, you will find some repeat content in this package. Here is the repeat content:  

  • 3 Races: the Ursimar, Gremlin, and Fallen One reappear in this expansion. 
  • 11 out of 14, Quest, Circumstance, and Power Up cards reappear as duplicates in this expansion. These cards can be added to each deck when you play, and are great epic additions to your game. 
  • 22 out of 66 Dead King cards look similar to cards that appear in this reprint. Though they have been redesigned to be used with the new Dead King-as-a-player system.

Beyond these, you'll find a ton of new content. We're adding three new HEXclusive Roles, 4 new Bosses, 4 new Races, 12 new Traits, new items for Bezzelquark's, and of course, our new 1 vs. All Dead King role card.

A Modular Map

Change the layout of your map each time you play the game. You'll find there are hundreds of unique layouts that can alter your play experience and how the game unfolds. Here are just a few ways you can alter the four quadrants in your next game:

Familiar Mechanisms

These are some of the mechanisms that appear in Forests of Adrimon that also appeared in Valley of the Dead King. 

  • Wandering & Roaming: Your heroes may end up getting lost in the wilderness, or might be forced to roam in random directions.
  • Cautious Discarding: If you move carefully and cautiously across the board, you'll be able to avoid many dangers. 
  • Starving: You'd best pack enough food for your journey, or you'll be forced to find more out there in the forest. Don't starve to death!
  • Circumstances: The circumstance deck is similar to Valley of the Dead King, and contains many different types of cards including: Events, Discoveries, Nature cards, Afflictions, Encounters and Treasure.
  • Game Difficulty: Use the Battle Mat to increase the game's difficulty while outside of combat. 
  • Bosses & Passive Abilities: There are ten bosses that you can find and fight in the game, and if you increase the game difficulty high enough, they even gain passive abilities.
  • Favored Opponents: Each race counts an opponent type as being favored. You'll be able to roll extra damage against these foes whenever you encounter them. 
  • Unique Hero Abilities: Each of the roles and races in the game have unique abilities. Roles have 2 and Races have 1. This means you'll have a varied play experience each time you choose a new combination.
  • Revival Mechanics: There are many ways to bring fallen comrades back from the dead, but some are rare and aren't easy to find.

New Mechanisms

There are several new mechanisms at work in the Forests of Adrimon. Here are some of them:

  • New Keywords and Conditions: Though a few base conditions and effects reappear from the Valley, over a dozen new keywords and dangerous conditions from the denizens of the forest will plague the heroes.
  • Influencing Opponents: Heroes may now choose to influence some opponents. These foes have a third Vital statistic called Influence. Heroes will Heal these opponents using items or abilities, and if you succeed, you'll gain powerful new allies with varied abilities.
  • Soul Shields: The Magi uses the souls she has bound to fuel terrible soul shields. Heroes who face an opponent with a Soul Shield must first damage the shield before the target they're fighting can take damage.
  • Harvesting Essence: Heroes can gather Nature's Essence to trade with Elowen the dryad. Elowen offers dozens of new items the heroes can obtain, but she doesn't care at all for gold. During the game players will have access to 3 variants of Nature's Essence, and will be able to trade them for valuable items.
  • The Fate Tracker & Fate Cycle: Each day the heroes spend in the Forests of Adrimon is another day they're closer to falling under her influence. The Fate Tracker counts up at the end of each Game Turn (and at many unexpected times in the game). When the tracker counts 6, the Fate Cycle increases to 1. The Fate Cycle is tied to the hero's skills. The heroes must work fast in order to counteract her terrible influence. 
  • Crafting Relics: The heroes will gain access to powerful Relics which enhance their statistics and provide a new power usable once per turn. Additionally, these Relics assist in unique ways against the Magi during the final battle. 
  • Searching for Gear: Heroes will be able to sneak into the Enthralled Cities in order to locate gear and supplies for their journey. Gear Upgrades can't be purchased without unlocking Ashul's Workshop.

Game Locations

There are several game locations the heroes can find in the Greenflame forest. Battle Sites, Enthralled Cities, Wayposts, Boss lairs, and even portals that lead into the fey realm.


In the Forests of Adrimon, the heroes work together to obtain Relic Fragments. These fragments have been scattered all throughout the Forest. Rumors abound, whispering of their locations. Players will learn of new Destinations whenever they visit Wayposts and may attempt to travel there in order to find Fragments. There are many types of Destinations:

Hero Abilities

Each hero inherits two Masteries from their Role, and a single racial ability based on their Race. These abilities require a mix of Health and Energy to use. Most Masteries are usable only in combat, but some can also be used outside of combat. Each mastery and racial ability are unique. 

Game Difficulty

Just like our last volume, players will be able to modify the difficulty level of the game while they're playing. Be careful though, as you increase the difficulty, you'll find your luck wearing thin and your opponents hitting harder.

Rule Book

Interested in reading the rule book? You can find the most up-to-date version here. Please note that we're still revising and updating, and thus it is not considered complete just yet.

Alternate Play Styles

There are several ways you can play Forests of Adrimon. You can find the Play Styles listed in the rule book, but we've added the pages for you to look over here

Did we mention you can play 2 volumes at once?  

If you have the Valley of the Dead King, you can play it along with Forests of Adrimon in one session. You'll have two main bosses on the board (aside from the other 18!), Adrimon and the Dead King will be gaining power, and depending on how your game progresses, one or the other will take the upper hand. You'll need to defeat both in order to win this game! Your group will have access to all content that both games offer:  

  • Visit several locations, such as: Cities, Shrines, Ruins, Bezzelquark's Black Market, Wayposts, Battle Sites, Enthralled Cities, and Elowen's Grove 
  • Complete both Quests and Destinations 
  • Build Relics 
  • Acquire gold and Nature's Essence in order to gain powerful treasures. 
  • Attempt to destroy up to 18 more bosses! 
  • When you get to the edge of the map, the group randomly draws 1 HEXtile from each game board, and then chooses which of the two to place. You'll place the other HEXtile on the bottom of the deck, so choose wisely! 
  • Power Up your heroes in an epic way using this play style. 
  • All cards are marked for easy storage after play.

Project Timeline

We learned a great deal from our last campaign when it comes to our project's timeline. During VotDK, we padded our estimation by several months, and even when we felt we would be delivering much earlier than planned, shipping during the holiday season gobbled up much of our extra time.

Despite this, we did deliver VotDK earlier than promised in most cases, which is something that few campaigns can claim. 

This project's timeline is quite similar, but we're farther along with the artwork required and thus we're planning for delivery in April of next year. Again we've padded our estimation by several months, so we're hopeful to fulfill the project sooner than next March. 

Our Manufacturing Partner

We couldn't be more proud of our manufacturing partner: Panda Manufacturing. They produced an amazing product for our first campaign, and we're excited to announce they'll once again be our choice for the Forests of Adrimon. 


The HEXplore It brand is committed to supporting brick & mortar retail game stores. Our Merchanteer's program is designed to let stores participate in the fun and excitement of our Kickstarter campaign.

To participate in the Merchanteer program for the Forests of Adrimon, please email with the name of your store, the URL of your store's website, and your store's physical address. We will reply with details about the Merchanteer Promotion.

Participating retailers agree not to sell the Forests of Adrimon product received through this promotion on the internet. Merchanteer orders are available to any brick & mortar store anywhere we ship the Kickstarter rewards.

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