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Welcome to the HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King Kickstarter- our first installment for the HEXplore It game system.

HEXplore It is a hero-building adventure board game. Select your hero by combining two character options: your role and race. Your role is your profession and your race is your species. This combination drives your hero's strengths, weaknesses, and defines your special abilities. You'll use dry erase markers (or print your own high quality hero sheets) to keep track of your hero's strength.

Travel across the map earning power-ups by completing quests and battling opponents of multiple types. Move carefully to avoid many dangers and travel from city to city, visiting shrines and ruins along the way.

Gain power quickly, for the Dead King also moves... he destroys the cities while you frantically gather the power necessary to stop him. For each city the Dead King destroys, he gains more power.

The object of HEXplore It is to power up your heroes as quickly as possible, to eventually defeat the Dead King himself. The game is won if you confront and defeat him, bringing light back to the Valley.

Can you save the Valley from the Dead King?


Game Features

  • Cooperative game play
  • Fantasy-themed hero building
  • Variable hero powers and combinations
  • Organic & customizable hero advancement
  • Modular board
  • Thousands of potential map layouts
  • Map built to interlock with future expansions
  • Strategic movement
  • Exploration & questing
  • 40+ unique combat scenarios
  • Dice-rolling & press-your-luck scenarios
  • Dynamic play duration
  • Customizable game difficulty


Play Styles


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We’ve built dozens of Roles and dozens of Races for HEXplore It, and we’re far from finished. The Core Game began with 6 of each, but our community has unlocked more. We’re hoping to bring you all 720 Hero Combinations

As we reach our goals, we’ll be able to unlock even more combinations, which will be included in every game.


The Roles

Creating your hero begins with selecting your role. Your role defines the part you’ll play during the game. Each player mat is a durable dry erase board, and you’ll use dry erase markers to keep track of your scores as you play the game.


There are five types of roles, based on what function they play in the game. The five types are: Assist, Healer, Sapper, Striker, and Utility.

Each role will be printed double-sided on thick cardboard. The player card appears on the front and original artwork for each role on the back.



The Races

After you select your role, you'll also select a race for your hero. Each race has modifiers that augment your role, offering a unique play experience each time you play a different combination.

You’ll find differences in all of your stats, your Favored Enemy, Food Rating, and finally the special ability. Like the roles, our campaign begins with six races unlocked. 


Masteries & Special Abilities

Each hero gains two masteries from their role, and a single racial ability based on their species. These abilities require a mix of health and energy to use. Most masteries are usable only in combat, but some can also be used outside of combat. Each mastery and racial ability are unique.

Let’s look at the Beast Master below. Combined with the wise Elf, the Beastmaster could affect the Circumstances in play. By choosing the stubborn Dwarf for instance (as seen below), this Beastmaster could force the group to Wander. As you explore the game you’ll want to experiment with all sorts of fun combinations.


Roles & Races in the Core Box


How are we going to pick which Role is unlocked next?

We aren’t. You are!

The portal below has been activated! If you've backed the project, you can step through to vote on your favorite role for each of the five types. When a new role is unlocked, we’ll consult the poll to select the one with the most votes.

Check the backer-only update labeled: "The portal is now open!" for the password to enter.



How will the Races be unlocked?

Each race has been assigned to a specific role, and for purposes of the artwork we’ll be creating for each. When a new role is unlocked, a new race will be unlocked along with it.


Can I purchase the extra heroes that haven't been unlocked yet?

Yes! We've now included an optional add-on for you to purchase all of the roles and races that have been prepared for HEXplore It. We've done this because of the overwhelming requests and we feel it will only help the campaign. For more detail, check out the Add On section below.


Exclusive Kickstarter Only Races

All six of the exclusive races have been unlocked! The exclusive race cards are more powerful than their normal counterparts, and will not appear in this form in other versions of the game! 



The Battle Mat

Like the role cards, you'll use dry erase markers to keep track of your opponents' vitals. In addition to this, you can use the Battle Mat to keep track of various group effects and bonuses. 




Bosses are the most difficult opponents your Heroes will face. They offer substantial rewards to your group, which will help prepare your heroes to face the last boss: the Dead King. There are five double sided cards for a total of ten bosses in the game.


The Bandit Prince
The Bandit Prince



Game Play and Market Cards

In addition to the boss cards shown above, the Core Box contains four game play cards: the Game Aid, the City/Market card, the Black Market/Market card, and the Shrine/Ruin card. 



A Modular Map

HEXplore It features a modular game board that changes with each play through. Four main quadrants can be positioned in dozens of ways before the game begins, which affects both the players and the Dead King. Create impassible terrain by rotating the quadrants in any way you choose.

As soon as the group reaches the edge of the map, reveal a random extension called a “HEX Tile”. These extensions may contain Quests, Ruins, Bosses, or Shrines.

In addition to the quadrants and hex tiles, the game features a Circumstance mat and Quest mat, and several location markers. Each mat is made of two interlocking pieces that fit into both the top and bottom of the game board. The markers are hexagon shaped pieces that designate various game locations.


Punchboards in the Core Box


Here are a few of the many quadrant setups:

We're also including several small connector pieces, to help close any gaps or build some narrow bridges in your terrain. These are an optional addition to your game.



The Circumstance Deck 

This deck is full of interesting scenarios, deadly afflictions, magical trinkets, combat encounters and more! Each game turn, a player will roll a six-sided die to determine the Circumstance they’ll experience that turn.

The Circumstance mat is composed of two interlocking pieces that affix to the top of the game board. Players draw five cards from the Circumstance Deck and place them face up in the slots marked 1-5. During the Circumstance phase of the game turn, one player will roll a six sided die. The result becomes the Circumstance the players will face this turn. If you roll a six during the Circumstance phase, you’ll draw a card blindly from the deck. 



The Quest Deck

This deck is full of Quests the group can attempt to accomplish in order to gain access to the Power Up deck. There are seven types of cards in the Quest deck: Navigate, Explore, Survival, Arcs, Escort, Invasion, and Bounty. Quests are written in a short story format, adding flavor to your game.

Like the Circumstance mat at the top of the board, the Quest mat lays out at the bottom of the game board. Here players will find five active Quests to complete. You’ll also find the Wander graphic on the Quest mat. You’ll use this whenever the group wanders off course.



The Power Up Deck

The Power Up Deck is full of cards that increase your hero’s statistics. You’ll gain access to this deck as you complete quests, defeat difficult encounters, bosses, and explore ruins. Strengthen your heroes as quickly as you can, or the Dead King will outpace you and conquer the valley!



The Dead King's Deck

HEXplore It also features a One vs. All play style, where one player takes on the role of the Dead King. Mess with the heroes and attempt to wreak havoc on their campaign to destroy you! Each turn you'll draw a card from your deck, slowly giving you more power to destroy them once and for all...


Card of the Day

Each day we'll showcase a single card that appears in the game. Stay tuned each day to check them out!
















Check out our library of ever-growing videos below. You'll be able to see previews, reviews, and even entire play-throughs of the game. Thanks for checking them out!
















HEXplore the Rulebook






We'll be using Pledge Manager at the end of the campaign, which will allow you to manage your pledge details after the campaign ends!


Heroes of HEXplore It: Digital Download

The Heroes of HEXplore It PDF will be a full color booklet that contains artwork and short stories featuring many of our roles and bosses. Many of the short stories are currently featured on our website

We can't quite tell you how many pages we'll have in the book, as that will depend partially on how many roles we'll manage to unlock during the campaign. We can tell you the book will contain at least 20 pages.


Core Box

The Core box contains all items shown on the "Core Box" graphic at the top of the page. As we unlock our stretch goals, the Core game will gain more content! Each Core Box will contain the extra content unlocked in our stretch goal section.

Photo Prints

  • We'll be printing 8"x12" photographs of the Dead King and Cryovern artwork, and our artists will sign them! You can find a higher resolution version to gander at on our 
website. We hope you like them as much as we do!


Role & Race Sponsorships

At the end of the campaign our Diplomats and Wardens will select either a role or race (depending on the pledge selected). These may be selected from the unlocked OR locked lists. If the selection is from the locked list, this hero will be added to the game for everyone. They will become the sponsor for this hero and their name will be added to the Thank You backers sheet as the hero's sponsor.

Item Creation

At the end of the campaign, our Smugglers will work closely with us to create a unique item for purchase or acquisition in the game. They'll select the function and suggest a name and we'll work with them to make the item a reality.

The Forests of Adrimon (Beta Version)

Our follow up to The Valley of the Dead King is currently in the tinkering phase of production. We have a working map and several interesting augmentations to the rules planned. Our Seers will obtain the beta version and will have the chance to provide feedback.


Interested in more stuff? Check out these addons we’ve prepared for the campaign. How do addons work? If you’re interested in purchasing any of these extras, simply add the amount shown below to your pledge during the checkout process.

Extra Games: $54 per game

Interested in purchasing more than 1 game? We've decided to take $5 off each extra that you purchase. Each additional game costs $54.

All Heroes + 6 sided dice: $30 per game

Interested in upgrading your game to include ALL of the Roles and Races we've prepared? Now you can do so. This add-on INCLUDES the six-sided die upgrade (which will help us organize the number of products we're creating). 

Your box will now contain 1 set of each hero in the game. Please be advised that as we reach our final stretch goals, the number of Roles & Races in the core game will increase.

The price of this addon includes the added cost of limited production runs (which is higher due to smaller print numbers) and the additional artwork required to put all of the Roles in the box. We hope that you consider this an investment in the product to help power up the brand and enhance your play experience.

6 Extra 6-sided Dice: $6

HEXplore It comes with one 6-sided die. This die is shared between all players and is generally not rolled at the same time during the game. We’ve played hundreds of games, and have found that you only need one six-sided die to play. However, we’re excited to offer more. The six-sided die that ships with the game features a unique hex digit and won’t be available elsewhere.

Limited to one set of 6 dice per backer. This addon cannot be combined with the Extra Heroes addon shown above.

Studio Canvas Print: $75

Check out these premium canvas prints of the Dead King and Cryovern! Each canvas costs $75. The prints are sized 11" tall by 16.5" wide x 1" thick. Each print comes ready to hang on the wall. 

You will have the option of receiving the print with your game (which will reduce or eliminate the shipping cost) or in a separate shipment before the game arrives. If you choose to receive the print before the game ships, you'll be responsible for the shipping cost. 

The exclusive card that was originally available with each canvas is now included in the base game and will not ship with the canvases.








Thank you for your checking out the first installment of HEXplore It. We'd like to support you because you support all of us- with a healthy stream of amazing games to play! If you're interested in supporting this Kickstarter, contact us at during the campaign for more information.




Want to help the campaign in other ways?

Your pledge in any amount, should you choose to, is very much appreciated and we sincerely thank you!

If you're interested in helping the campaign in other ways, please share this Kickstarter on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. If we can power up the campaign, we'll be able to unlock a ton of extra content for all of our backers. 







Available Rewards:

$59USD + Shipping

HEXplorer's Pledge

The HEXplorer's pledge will get you the core game along with all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. In addition, you'll get the Heroes of HEXplore It Digital Download.


  • Heroes of HEXplore It Digital Download
  • Core Box & all Stretch Goals

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